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It is so important to us at Stellar Mind that we help our community. We are constantly looking at ways we can help make a difference to people in the local community.

Community Spirit and people are at the heart of what we are about, we want to set a good example by donating a percentage of our profits to help local people. With this on mind we have chosen the Friends of Alfie Johnson and Mary Stevens Hospice as our long-term charity partners


Over 10 years ago we set up an organisation to help raise money for our Nephew Alfie, who suffered catastrophic brain injuries during birth. Together with family and friends we were able to help Alfie by purchasing him much needed equipment.  

The Charity now helps local Children with disability, with hundreds of children receiving much needed equipment.

Please take a look at the website,

Mary Stevens Hospice provides specialist care and support for people who are living with an incurable illness and their families.

They are caring, compassionate and kind, and the support they give to patients and their families is beyond words.  We have experienced the wonderful work Mary Stevens do and we now want to support them as they have supported us.

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